Friday, November 18, 2005

They're called books...

I haven't posted anything in a little while, but here I am again, and I've got a chip on my shoulder. I was watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, one of my favourite movies the other night, when a vivid memory hit me. It was the first time I had seen the movie with my friends in the theatre. For those who haven't seen the movie, it's based off of a series of graphic novels in which various characters from classic literature come together. Alan Quartermain, Captain Nemo, Dorian Grey, Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde, even Tom Sawyer makes an appearance in the film. The special effects are great, Sean Connery is wonderful as he always is, a fine actor by any standard. The next part is a spoiler, so be warned if you haven't seen the movie, but it's by no means a new film, so you're going to have to deal with it. At the climax of the film, Quartermain and Sawyer have caught the mysterious mastermind known as M. And Quartermain reveals that M is in fact James Moriarty. Half of the audience loved the twist, and caught on in seconds, it was perfect. Then there was the other half, the dim witted kids and teens, the kind who could barely shut up for five seconds during the film or shut off their damn cell phones. They just stared blankly at the screen and said "who's Moriarty?". Professor James Moriarty was the nemesis of the great Sherlock Holmes, a criminal genius without equal. I nearly reached back behind me and throttled the stupid twerps for the outburst, and it got me thinking...

What the Hell is wrong with kids nowadays?

I'm nearing 30 years of age, and in the last decade of life I've observed enough shocking evidence that gives me great fear for our future, our time as a species may soon come to an end. Today's youth has no sense of value, little morality, and above all, virtually no common sense. They no longer read classic literature, or virtually any literature at all. I've asked kids about school in light conversation, and they all say they hate reading, school sucks, I'd rather hang out with my friends at the mall. The older generations and my generation are the ones keeping the past alive, the youth of today is trying very very hard to deny the past, to march blindly on to a new future, with no consideration of the values, the lessons that their predecessors had left for them to use with responsibility.

Love is a strange term now, something that no longer really exists, not as it is supposed to be. When you're near someone, and your pulse quickens, you lose your train of thought, and you want that person to be a special part of your life, that's love. Nowadays, love is considered sex. If you have sex with someone, you love them. With all the casual sex, mixed partners, STD's, unwanted pregnancies, and other such complications around, it would seem that love is being spread faster than the flu. I see girls, 18-25yrs old, pushing around strollers, and it makes me sad. Most of these young mothers weren't expecting that, but they went through with it anyway. They still had growing up to do themselves, and now they have to entertain their inexperience upon their children. What are these kids going to grow up like? It's unfair to the kids, as much as it is to the mothers. I'm not saying every young mother is a bad mother, but a large percentage are, and its sad to see.

Chivalry is a term that these kids think spawned from Shakespeare, and is pretty much ignored. Decency, morality, compassion, respect, kindness; I haven't seen this from the next generation in any inspiring quantities. Guys say the rudest things to women now, things I could never bring myself to say. They treat them like property, hands on their women's necks (I've seen this before, like leading them on a leash), speak to them like they're beneath them. I've worked with these kids (they seem to be all there is in the workforce nowadays, where'd the people my age go?), and listen to them make the crudest jokes, singing songs about cheating on their girlfriends, and I just shake my head. Did I find those jokes funny when I was their age? I certainly don't now. And when they see a girl, they ogle and drool, making crude comments about their butts or their boobs. In the future, women will be born without heads; they'll just be baby factories, with boobs and butts and all the equipment to make children. Apparently, that's all these kids need. Now don't get me wrong, I like a nice body too, but I've learned to appreciate the whole picture, from head to toe as it were. A beautiful face, striking hair and eyes will turn my head just as easily as a great body.

I could go on forever, maybe I'll make this a 2 part rant, who knows? But if you're reading this, take a look around at the youth nowadays, tell me if you don't see what I see. Maybe I'm seeing things with biased blinders, but it is what I see. There are some genuine, intelligent, educated youths out there, I've talked to them, and enjoy their company immensely. But I fear that they are a small percentage of the population, and are being shut out by the pretty, the petty, the ignorant. Read a book will you? There are great things to glean from literature, and if nothing else, they are an escape from the monotony and stress of day to day life. Of course, I'm just writing here...


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